Nothing like a Catholic digital media conference to remind you that it’s been a while since you’ve blogged. In an attempt to return to normality after one of the most bizarre weeks of my life, I attended a work conference in Sydney yesterday, and I was gently and profoundly challenged.

*Warning: this one will be a bit personal.

It’s been quite a collection of weeks since I last wrote about the floods in Asuncion. Since then, there have been all manner of floods in my life. Floods of tears, crying out to God in prayer and wondering, trying in between rain, storm and sunshine to discover what will be my path; floods of milk and coffee spilling as I recover from jetlag and attempt to walk in straight line in Australia; and most difficult; the floods of tears that come in short, unexpected machine-gun bursts as I think about one of the best women I’ve known, my Grandma Phyllis Doherty who entered eternal rest on 8 August, 2014, just two days before I arrived back in Australia. I tried to get back in time, but she was exhausted, and she needed to go. And we had 32 years of blessed times together. Continue reading