The Joy of Bucket Showers

A typical Nicaraguan painting displayed in the sisters house

A typical Nicaraguan painting displayed in the sisters house

It’s been about four years since I had a bucket shower, but I haven’t forgotten how it works.

After an hour’s walk around Ciudad Sandino, one of Managua’s poorest areas, I was ready to rid myself of grime and sweat.

A few litres was all that was needed, and the cold water was refreshing and welcome. The temperature here is a cool 37 degrees with what feels like 100 percent humidity. Don’t think I’ll be needing a jumper for about the next six months.

Shower time!!

Shower time!!

Not too much to report yet, just some pictures of the beautiful community where I am living for the next month. So grateful to the sisters who came an hour out of the way to pick me up from the airport.

I start work tomorrow or the next day; giving english classes, working one day in the Fe y Alegria School, teaching video editing and photography, and finally, my great passion, some music teaching.

A woman of prayer in the chapel

A woman of prayer in the chapel

Haven’t visited the Church yet, but we passed the parish pastoral centre, and walked through the community where the people live.

Something tells me that the people of this country (which is basically 100 percent Catholic) are not too worried about gold vestments and ornate chapels, but rather about the humility of Christ. I think Pope Francis would like it here, but then, I haven’t met any of the clergy yet.

This country bears some similarities to Paraguay. Hunger, poverty and inequality are part of the lifestyle here.

Yet, to get a little personal, as I showered, I reflected on just how hungry I was for some of this simplicity. I enjoyed my cold bucket shower because it reminded me that really, that’s all I need: To get rid of my #firstworldproblems and really understand what are the important things of life. For that, I am grateful.

I’m also grateful for this new song I have discovered by Sarah Hart who I interview the other day.

I must have had it on repeat throughout most of my plane journey the other day, and it helped me to pray. (Incidentally, it also gently rocked me to sleep and I would prefer that any day to turbulence.)

Hope you enjoy some of these pics from my journey! 🙂





  1. I wish you an inspiring and deeply satisfying journey. May it guide you to where you belong . With love Xx

  2. Congrats Beth for the simplicity you enjoy after you throw yourself into it. Its wonderful to ‘wash down the first world problems with a cold bucket shower’. Blessings on you.

  3. I’m glad that you are enjoying the simple pleasures of life in SA! Wishing you God’s graces and protection in your travels and work amongst the ‘anawims’ of the Lord. Adios!!

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